Our philosophy is hospitality

Every hotel has its philosophy. This is the Valavier’s.

Woman taking a foot bath

The essence of our philosophy is conscious enjoyment and deep relaxation. But discover it yourself...


Alpine power

Nature itself gives us the elements that we need.
Our positive attitude to life contributes to our well-being.
The natural products in our spa area support these processes.
Engage yourself. In the power of the Alps.



Activate your circulatory system.
Take a deep breath. Oxygen for every cell of the body.
Exercise and recreation work together for good body awareness.


Sorbet Massage tables wellness-1777 Person having a facial treatment


Our omnipresent everyday companion and carefree enjoyment.

The right food for every situation in life.

Balanced and honest cuisine with high-quality ingredients.

Improves the well-being of the body, mind and soul.


Grander water

The place where water can still flow freely and make its way is still the place where water is the regulating power of nature. The knowledge about healing powers which lie in water is ancient. This transmission of information from water to water is a physical peculiarity and was first used by the Tyrolean Johann Grander.



Our charism: comes from inside.

Our well-being: lets us shine.

Our satisfaction: lets us relax.


When the desire for quietude becomes stronger and everyday life louder and louder, it is time to be more attentive towards ourselves. In stylishly furnished rooms. With special people. Who give us what we need: Quietude. Beauty. Nature.



Aesthetics depends on the perspective.

From the inside to the outside. Beauty can inspire us or captivate us.

It is magic: like a delicate plant which needs to be groomed and caressed.


Engage yourself in the cosiness of the Hotel Valavier - turn to a no-obligation enquiry which we will be happy to answer!