Welcome to Brand, Vorarlberg.
At the source of joy

Brandnertal, Vorarlberg…

The Brandnertal

… gently nestled between mountain peaks it lies here, in perhaps the most beautiful valley head of the world. Our Hotel Valavier lies in the Brandnertal valley – hugged by the Rätikon and guarded by the sky itself.

Here you can find a sense of beauty:

Fresh and clear, the mountain stream Alvier flows past our house.

Its blue-green pools will invite you to take a bath and in the crystal-clear drinking water, rainbow trouts are swimming. You can hear its steady rushing sound when you go to sleep and wake up. The Alvier is our namesake and our local stream – a source of joy and a paradise which we have kept until today. A place on the outside which leads you to the inside.


Snow-covered branches Flower Meadow with trees Snowy forest landscape

In the Brandnertal, hectic everyday life runs out of steam.

We are extremely lucky to live in a valley and in a region which radiates pure grace and quietude. A free spirit needs a free view. Stress melts like ice in this place. Here you can decide how you spend your time. Industrial heteronomy has been denied access to the Brandnertal. In our magical corner of Vorarlberg nature is still untouched.

The gentle wind of eternity blows over the Tschengla high plateau and takes away everyday worries. Idyllic side valleys invite you to explore the region. Lonely high altitude paths and hiking paths lead you to yourself. For example on the Natursprüngeweg, the animal adventure path or via the prepared hiking trail into the wildly romantic Bürser Schlucht, a natural wonder from the ice age. The expansive Lünersee lake lies there like a sea in the mountains.

And so you can find a sea of possibilities here with us – in any time of the season