Timeline of our house

A hotel story like a fairy tale

Old photo from the Hotel Valavier

Once upon a time in an enchanted, silent valley …

Brandnertal is the name of the valley where our hotel’s story takes place. Those who wanted to leave the hustle and bustle behind found the company of herb gatherers, hunters and forest spirits here. And even if the noisy modern times demanded their right, silence and cosiness lived on in the Brandnertal.

The Brandnertal in former times

Only a few houses stood here. Life was full of privations and hard, but also often a simple round dance with the change of the seasons. The world was a village and the village was called Brand. Everybody knew everybody. And everybody knew good-hearted Mina and brave Eduard, the grandparents of your host today, Edi Meyer.

Mina and Eduard cultivated the inn tradition in the “Jägerheim”, a former toll station in Brand. At that time, the little Walser village was mainly coined by summer tourism.

How the foundation for our hotel was laid

The so-called „Sommerfrischler“, those seeking the healthy alpine summer climate, from the cities came to mountain villages to recreate in the fresh mountain air. Mountaineers, painters, fishermen and of course the people of Brand themselves were welcome guests with Mina and Eduard.

Mina Meyer finished her apprenticeship in 1876 in the legendary Hotel Sacher in Vienna – a phenomenon for the times back then here in the region.


Snow-covered trees and mountains in the background Senior couple looks out at the mountains Valley Old picture of men in a car

Reconstruction in the hardships of the post-war period

In 1943, a girl named Herta came to the Brandnertal. She was a kindergarten teacher and stemmed from a good family in Feldkirch. It didn’t take long until Ernst, the son of Eduard and Mina, captured here heart. Shortly after the war the couple married. Not long after the wedding, offspring arrived: They had three daughters: Inge, Traudl and Ruth. Later, after a pause, Edi followed as the youngest member of the family.

Thus, the inn tradition was secured for another generation. The war also left its mark on Brand. In 1951, under the most difficult conditions, Herta and Ernst also took over the management of the Straßburger Hütte - today known as the Mannheimer Hut. For about twenty years, until 1970, they managed this refuge at an altitude of 2680 m in the Rätikon.

And the story continues…

With a warm heart, plenty of ideas and a sense for people’s needs, Ernst and Herta laid the foundation of our history. At just 21 years of age, their son Edi took over the parental business in 1982, but the dream of a very special hotel between tradition and future remained for Edi. It came true in 2003.