the hotel in Brand

Welcome to the Valavier, your hotel in the Brandnertal

Family in the hotel

First of all: We are hosts out of passion. A high standard is preceded by hard work. For our hotel in Brand, an accommodation for all four seasons, the basic needs of our guests and the core values of our hospitality are therefore very clearly defined.

A family-run hotel with history

Our family has been intimately familiar with the region and the hospitality industry already since the 18th century. The Valavier as we know it today came into being in 2003 and grew slowly but steadily. Together with the hotel we grew ourselves. Because of the many positive feedbacks from our guests we expanded our house into an active resort with an altogether new hotel tract in the year of 2009. Our location in the idyllic Brandnertal is perfect for a timeout, no matter if spent actively in the mountain landscape or cosily in the spa.

We are inspired by the good spirit of an eventful history but our inner eye likes to look into the future just the same. We meet between both poles, completely in the here and now.

Woman smells a flower Elderly couple lies in a swing Woman having a wellness treatment Senior couple lying on loungers by the pool

Open for new things – the hotel story continues

History does not stop at a point but always goes on and writes new chapters! Therefore we always experiment with the newest amenities which are swept into our valley from the wide world: W-LAN, e-bikes, Ayurveda and live cooking. And if a volatile trend fails to convince us in the long run we do not hesitate to let it go.

At the Valavier, your hotel in Brand, we are a family under one roof.

Our house is adorned by four stars, but what makes us really happy is a clear starry sky over the Brandnertal. We understand ourselves as a modern active resort but above all as a place of authenticity: Alpine free spirit meets modern zeitgeist under one roof.

Your temporary home in Brand

Therefore, simply arrive here follow your own need: For relaxation or also for activity. Grandmother and grandfather with their grandchildren, or couples in love: Here, at the Valavier in Brand, we are a family under one roof: with all particularities and with a personal character but also with the knowledge that every human is entitled to his or her space.

We are a family destination and a generation hotel with a history. What our wish is for you? That you let this special place become a second home for you. Home is where your heart becomes warm. And just as keys open the doors of rooms we would like to open your hearts.

We celebrate life like a feast. And we like it best if we can do so with you!

Our offers are just as diverse as our guests. From the spa weekend for two to days for friends and yoga retreats to winter holidays over New Year’s Eve. Just lean back and have a look. Still undecided? We will be happy to answer your enquiry!