Your hosts from the Valavier Hotel introduce themselves

Family run hotel in Brand

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The most beautiful time that you can give your loved ones is time together. We look forward to you!
The Meyer family

We, Kathi Metz and Edi Meyer, have been running the Hotel Valavier since 2003. But our ancestors have been hosts since the 18th century. Always open. Always there. Always with heart.

Edi - Our host out of passion.

Hotelier - no I'm not - I'm a host and proud of it. I travel from the cellar to the attic. If you can't see me, you can hear me. Our garden and our animals are my great passion, Then there's remodeling, renovating and antiques. Operationally, I've given everything away and am slowly but preparing for my retirement. From "having to" to "being able to" a wonderful feeling.

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Always on is the around and on
I love life and life loves me

Kathi - that's where the threads come together.

I love what I do. From marketing. From accounting. All the way to decorating. I appreciate the variety and the BIG WHOLE. I can enjoy account management, as well as also as a commis in service. Meyers.Speis is my favorite room. With its herbs and regional products. I'm completely untalented when it comes to manual labor, so I prefer to build a raised hide. I am traditional and deeply rooted in nature and my homeland.


4th generation. Proud of what my family has created and achieved before me. With passion and dedication. Proud to be able to represent my home and shape the next generation. From an early age, I enjoyed the privilege of a good education. From growing up and helping out in the hotel. Right through to completing my studies. Now it's time to put what I've learned into practice for a successful future.

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The journey is the goal, the summit firmly in sight
It's time to leave your own mark on life


The Valavier hotel has always been a very special place for me. I was able to complete my apprenticeship here and become part of the Valavier family. Reception is my home and the bond with our guests and employees is my source of joy. Hand in hand with Kathi, my tasks range from direct guest contact to marketing and digitalization. She shows me the way step by step. Open to new things. Open to the future. Ready for what's to come.