Your hosts from the Valavier Hotel introduce themselves

Family run hotel in Brand

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The most beautiful time that you can give your loved ones is time together. We look forward to you!
The Meyer family

We, Kathi Metz and Edi Meyer, have been running the Hotel Valavier since 2003. But our ancestors have been hosts since the 18th century. Always open. Always there. Always with heart.

Familiar, cosy, genuine

Then as well as now we and our employees follow the motto: Now is the best time. And we want our guests to take part in it. Our motivations: spontaneity and benevolence. The grandparents of your host Edi Meyer already cherished the host tradition with the “Jägerheim” – the former toll station in Brand – back in the 19th century.

From summer to all-year tourism

At this time, Brand was coined by summer tourism. Guests from the cities sought quiet mountain villages to recreate, climb mountains, hunt and fish and to be friends with nature. Our ancestor Mina Meyer completed her apprenticeship in 1876 in the legendary Hotel Sacher in Vienna – a phenomenon for the times back then here in the region.

This is how our family’s gastronomic passion started. And with the wedding of Ernst, Mina’s son (and Edi’s father), and diligent Herta, the inn tradition was sealed for another generation. Herta and Ernst Meyer were true pioneers in the Brand’s tourism industry. Shortly after the war, in the year of 1946, the couple married.

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2003 saw the beginning of the family-run Hotel Valavier as we know it today.

It didn’t take long until offspring arrived: They had three daughters: Inge, Traudl and Ruth. Later, after a pause, Edi followed as the youngest member. The Jägerheim was already a popular, traditional inn at this time, a much-visited restaurant and a regular meeting place for locals, après ski guests and mountaineers.

An institution in Brand since the beginning

In a very young age, with barely 21 years, today’s host, Edi, took over his parents’ business after having completed his apprenticeship to be a cook. The Jägerheim grew year by year: a larger terrace, more seating in the restaurant and the famous night club Fuchsbau! The wish to have a hotel became clearer and clearer - also thanks to Edi’s parents who always had the future in mind and not only tomorrow.