What our guests say

Warm. Honest. Authentic.
That's what's IMPORTANT to us.
Growing. Becoming better. That is our goal.
And that is only possible if you support us.
And of course we are happy about every praise.
Because that is good for our soul.
Thank you, dear Valavier guests.

97.4% Gästezufriedenheit

818 Bewertungen

5.65 von 6
„Hikers stay“

„Very good, and I appreciate how the hotel has different audiences (like families, guests with pets, adults only) and keep them all satisfied (and sometimes separated)“

5.91 von 6
„Grossartige Ferien “

„Das absolute beste Familienhotel in dem wir bis jetzt gewesen sind was die Gesamterfahrung betrifft, angefangen von der Atmosphäre, höchste Qualität bei der Einrichtung, Kinderbereich und Aktivitäten rund ums Hotel, und und und“

6.00 von 6
„Awesome holiday, exceptional hotel and team!!“

„Thank you very much for your dedication, professionalism and joy. Our holiday was impeccable and we are looking forward to booking our next stay at your hotel.“

6.00 von 6
„I had a wonderful, wonderful stay“

„An absolutely gorgeous, restful and revitalising stay in a beautiful location - fresh mountain air and extremely comfortable accommodation, with delicious food and a welcoming, homely atmosphere. “