Valavier Hotel Bar

The most sociable place: our bar in Vorarlberg

Man and woman toast with cocktails at a hotel bar
Eating and drinking well keeps body and soul together.
Old proverb

Our hotel bar is the ideal place for the beginning of a promising evening and of many a good friendship. And the ideal place for the end of a perfect day.

The classic Vorarlberg hotel bar

A hiding place in Austria’s mountains and a place where you can exchange and form beautiful memories. In a dignified atmosphere full of beautiful wood, buckhorn and cordiality. A place to cuddle, to drink, to look into the fireplace and to sing, in the middle of Brand. Frank Sinatra, Buddha Bar or the quietude when it is snowing: Here you can form friendships and watch ice cubes melt.

Man and woman toast with a champagne glass Man and woman drink cocktails at a hotel bar Man pouring wine Man and woman toast with cocktails at a hotel bar

A place where great stories take their origin.

“Do you remember … back then …” – These or similar words introduce anecdotes which people like to tell again and again. Stories which make you reminisce past days. From balmy summer nights which found their closure with a good glass at the hotel bar … from the evening when you became engaged and celebrated it with your partner, only the two of you, very intimately. Or of fabulous celebrations where guests and hosts shared moments of happiness. And no matter which story will be yours to tell after your time with us at the Hotel Valavier in the Brandnertal: We hope that it always ends on the same note: “This is the place where I like to return to – because I like its taste!”

Come on in, let us pour you a drink of your choice and get lost in the atmosphere of our bar. Our holiday offers are already within reach – browse through and spend a few beautiful days with us in Vorarlberg soon.