Cosmetics offers in the hotel in Vorarlberg

Beauty, well-being & time for me. During holiday in Brandnertal

Woman having a facial treatment
Beauty begins in the moment where you decide to be yourself.

Beauty treatments and natural cosmetics: The perfect combination. Let us make your skin shine. No matter if a short tonic to refresh your complexion or intensive cleansing of the pores: After a treatment in our spa your skin will feel lifted and radiate with purity.


We work with natural cosmetics, exfoliations, mask, salt wraps and volcanic stone

all of these are ancient and partly only recently rediscovered methods to bring out the most beautiful in us. In order to make you feel good in your skin again.

We work according to the principle that beauty lives in every human being. What we can do is to turn these beautiful sides inside out: to care what nature gave us. Of course we also offer manicures and pedicures, eye brow grooming, hair removal and so much more. All of this in a loving, discreet and quiet atmosphere.

Even our youngest guests can look forward to massages and beauty treatments for a phase in life where seemingly superficial things are enormously important. And if you are not entirely sure anymore what type you are - yes, we live in confusing times - simply let us advise you: For colours that suit you and for make-up which flatters you in an inconspicuous way.