Sauna, steam bath & infrared cabins
at the Hotel Valavier

A sauna landscape for all tastes - pure holiday feeling

Couple in the sauna

Of course, sweating is healthy. And it is a high art to sweat healthily. We guarantee you relaxed hours in an adventurous sauna landscape. With wood, hay, salt and other natural materials. This way you can enjoy the sauna varieties as the fancy takes you during your holidays in Vorarlberg.


A bio sauna, also called saunarium, is equivalent to a moist hot air bath. In contrast to the Finnish sauna, the temperatures are only half as high and are mild 45-60°C. Because of these comparatively low temperatures no infusions are needed during this sauna experience. The humidity remains constantly high and you can stay in the sauna up to 30 minutes without hesitation.

Size: 7 m²
Temperature: 55°C
Scope: long sauna pleasure without infusions


The steam bath becomes more and more popular. The biggest differences to the classic Finnish sauna are the higher humidity and the lower temperature which make the steam bath a gentle alternative for the circulatory system and the airways. Thanks to the high humidity in the steam bath, 40-55°C feel almost as hot as 90°C in the Finnish sauna.

Size: 7 m²
Temperature: 45°C
Scope: very beneficial for the airways

Couple in the sauna Couple in the sauna Relaxation room Couple in the sauna


The deep warmth radiator has a gentle and even effect without overheating the epidermis. The body practically sweats from the inside to the outside and not as a defensive reaction to external factors such as air or steam like in the sauna. The inhalation of hot air which strains the circulatory system is also avoided. Therefore persons with an unstable circulatory system often choose the infrared cabin.

Size: 2 persons
Temperature: 27°C - 37°C
Scope: deep warmth


Brine (micro-fine, dry salt fog) cleanses the airways, improves the complexion and inhibits inflammations. Ionisation (clear air free of allergens) neutralises pollutants and stimulates metabolism. Increased concentrations of oxygen improve concentration, slow down cell aging and strengthen the immune system.

Size: 15 m²
Temperature: 38°-42°C
Scope: SeaClimate technology (maritime climate)


Humanity has been using the noble wood Swiss pine for millenniums. Thanks to its anti-bacterial effect this wood has also found its way into the building of sauna and infrared cabins. The high content of resins and essential oils produces a pleasant and soothing fragrance. This is why Swiss pine wood is a wood type with a special feel-good character.

Size: 12 m²
Temperature: 90°C
Scope: Swiss pine wood – wood with a special talent


The sauna strengthens the immune system and is pure training for the cardiovascular system. The shift from extreme heat to extreme cold trains the vessels and keeps them elastic. The body learns to keep its core temperature through regular sauna visits, no matter if it is summer or winter outside. Those who visit the hay sauna regularly will freeze less at temperatures below zero and also bears tropical temperatures more easily in summer. The smell of dry grass and herbs makes us feel earthed and activated.

Size: 15 m²
Temperature: 90°C
Scope: strengthens the immune system, trains the cardiovascular system  

Relaxation by heat and strengthening the immune system at the same time – the sauna is a coveted place especially in the cold season, but not only then. Look forward to the sauna area at the Valavier during your holidays, no matter if you come in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Our spa offers only wait to spoil you here in Vorarlberg…

Spa information:

Children under the age of 16 can use the Valavier heaven pool until 2.00 pm.
Our sauna area is in operation daily from 3.00 pm to 7:00 pm.

The use of the whole spa and wellness landscape is at your own risk. Should you have health concerns please contact our spa management in confidence.